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Playing with Panoramas: sort of…

My new Canon SX20IS has an Easy Panorama mode…like the Sports mode or the Landscape mode, set on the main control dial. It displays your second shot next to the right edge of your first shot, so you and line … Continue reading

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Rainy Day on Point Loma: learning.

My one free day in San Diego with a new camera to play with…or rather, a new camera to learn…turned out to be blessed with rain. Still, it was San Diego…I only get there once a year…and I have never … Continue reading

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Canon Powershot SX20IS: first thoughts

I have a new camera! After considerable research, I ordered a Canon Powershot SX20IS. A new camera is always fun. It is almost like getting new eyes…or learning to see all over again. Of course, you carry your photographic habits … Continue reading

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Shooting Snow!

Among the hardest scenes for the landscape photographer to capture, snow has to rank right up there at the top. In sunlight, a snow covered landscape exceeds the light sensitivity range of our eyes…let alone a digital camera sensor. Even … Continue reading

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A Year of Pics and Places

Happy New Year! A journey through my past year via the pictures and the places. What a blessing it has been, beginning to end! I can only praise my God, for God is God and God is good. Each thumbnail … Continue reading

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Your Zoom is for Framing!

This is another in the series of pieces that began with The Photogenic Moment, and continued with It’s all about Patterns. The vast majority of digital cameras sold today are sold with a zoom lens. Your average entry level Point … Continue reading

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It is all about patterns…

One of the points I made in a recent post about the Photogenic Moment (they are all photogenic moments) is that photography is really all about patterns: “Look for patterns…look for patterns to fill the frame of the image. Big … Continue reading

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The Photogenic Moment?

Just over a year ago I started a Pic of the Day project, sort of by accident. I was new on Twitter and Facebook at that time, and I began to post, just for fun, an image each day to … Continue reading

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Netbooks for Traveling Photographers: Take Two

Over on Cloudy Days and Netbook Nights: Netbooks, take two.

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Distortion City! (and how to cure it…)

One of the most difficult subjects for today’s Point and Shoots, even the most advanced (maybe especially the most advanced with their superzooms) is architecture. This was brought home to me after a recent visit to Germany where I was pretty … Continue reading

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