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Shooting Snow!

Among the hardest scenes for the landscape photographer to capture, snow has to rank right up there at the top. In sunlight, a snow covered landscape exceeds the light sensitivity range of our eyes…let alone a digital camera sensor. Even … Continue reading

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The Photogenic Moment?

Just over a year ago I started a Pic of the Day project, sort of by accident. I was new on Twitter and Facebook at that time, and I began to post, just for fun, an image each day to … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as a Bad Photograhpy Day at Point Lobos

I visited Point Lobos the same weekend, two years in a row. The first time, a year ago, it was a clear morning. I got there just as the park opened, and stayed until early afternoon when the fog rolled … Continue reading

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To Blur or Not to Blur: moving water?

Classic shot. Rushing stream singing around rocks between deeply shaded, moss covered, banks with rugged tree trunks framing. The photographer set his tripod mounted camera to the slowest speed possible so that the water appears in the image as a silky … Continue reading

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