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Back on the Road Again.

Today starts another round of birding festivals, trade shows, etc. that will keep me hopping until June, just about. Exotic locations. Digiscoping opportunities. I’ll keep you posted. Conventionally imaged with the Sony DCS H9 at about 465mm equivalent. Digiscoped with … Continue reading

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Three Gestures…

A thought. Every great image catches three gestures. First gesture: The motion of the world as it paints meaning and beauty on the human soul. Second gesture: The motion of the soul as it rises to take the paint. Third … Continue reading

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Get with the program: Exposure 2

Now that we have a basic understanding of what correct exposure is (or the beginnings of one) let’s take a look at how modern automatic exposure systems do the job of setting it. My theory is that understanding the assumptions … Continue reading

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The really strong suggestion of thirds…

I am really going to get to the next section of the Exposure article (Getting The Most Out of Automation, part 4)…really I am…but it is taking longer to produce the illustrations and get my thoughts together than I (or … Continue reading

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Get out!

You need a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s the makings of one for you. Twice yesterday…which happened to be the last day of 2007…I made myself leave the computer and the warm house behind. I got up and went out in … Continue reading

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