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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

I’ve got Snow Scene Programed Mode! It always amazes me how much resistance there is among advanced amature photographers to automation. The assumption seems to be that real photographers shoot manual (and RAW of course), figuring out every parameter of … Continue reading

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New: Steve Ingraham’s Pic of the Day

I have been posting a Pic of the Day on Facebook, Twitter, and two of the digital photography forums I belong to. The next logical step is a Pic of the Day blog, where I can detail some of the … Continue reading

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Chrome out of beta: greasemonkey supported!

This might seem like a strange post for a photography blog, but I suspect a lot of my readers use Flickr, and have stuck with Firefox because they are addicted to the SICI greasemonkey script which automates adding invite and … Continue reading

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Learning to see…

There has been some renewed discussion of the ethics of post-processing, or at least the place of post-processing in the photographer’s art, over on one of the digital photography list-serves I belong to. (see The Ethics of Post-processing.) However, it … Continue reading

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Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush

One of the major failings of Lightroom is (or was, read on) that all editing is global. Changing anything changes the whole image. Those used to selections and layers in Photoshop or any of its clones found this lack very … Continue reading

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Working the Limits: Bosque del Apache NWR

After my experience preparing a few photos for publication, outlined in the last piece (Pushing the Envelope), it took a place like Bosque del Apahce NWR to remind me of why I am still carrying an advanced P&S, and not … Continue reading

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