Chrome out of beta: greasemonkey supported!

This might seem like a strange post for a photography blog, but I suspect a lot of my readers use Flickr, and have stuck with Firefox because they are addicted to the SICI greasemonkey script which automates adding invite and vote codes to Flickr comments. 

Greasemonkey, for those who are not aware, is a Firefox extension that allows programmers to extend the functions of individual pages using Java scripts. In October there were reports that a development release of Chrome included greasemonkey support. About the same time, Greasemetal was released…a small program which exploited a “developers hole” in the Chrome armor to enable some greasemonkey scripts. The only trouble with Greasemetal was that 1) it was a kludge that depended on a hole Google could close at any time, and 2) you had to start Chrome using the Greasemetal icon/shortcut, which meant that you had no greasemonkey when Chrome auto-started (as in response to clicking a link in an email). 

So I have been eagerly waiting for the first official release of Chrome with greasemonkey support. 1.0 is it. 

There is still no official way to turn greasemonkey on. You have tack  -enable-greasemonkey after the last quotation mark in the Target line in the Chrome shortcut’s Properties box (that is space dash enable dash greasemonkey). You can copy your SICI script from the scripts folder in Firefox (C:/programs/Mozilla/Firefox/scripts) to C:/scripts (make the folder first), and you are good to go!

And why would you want to switch to Chrome? Well, that is hard to say, but easy to appreciate, if you are at all like me, once you have used Chrome for any length of time. Just say, I like it better…and I suspect you might too.

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