Get out!

Winding snow above cattails

You need a New Year’s Resolution? Here’s the makings of one for you.

Twice yesterday…which happened to be the last day of 2007…I made myself leave the computer and the warm house behind. I got up and went out in the snowstorm, while it was still snowing, specifically to take pictures. I braved the snowy roads down toward the beach were there the sky light was likely to be strongest. Along Route 9, it was impossible to park and get out where the little streams cross under the road, so I stopped, rolled down the passenger side window and framed a few shots from the car.

The path to the beach was unbroken snow a foot or more deep, and I stuck to the scenes on the inside of the dunes…the tidal streams and stands of pines in the marsh, and the tree lined road in.

Winter road

And then, after running an errand in town, I drove down to a little park by the Mousam river to see if by any chance the town is keeping the road open. It was a fair chance, since there is a little pond there that is sometimes used for skating.

The road was open, and I had access to the river bank in the last of the storm, while the snow was still clinging to all the trees and every bush. While working the bank I startled an adult Bald Eagle off its perch…too fast for me to get a shot off.

An Eagle was here

I went back home to process the morning’s take and was hard at it when a late afternoon errand called me out. I was thinking about the morning, driving back, and sort of framing this piece in my mind, while watching for place to get off the road with something interesting against the clearing sky, and I thought, well, that I’d take my own advice.

I called ahead to invite my wife (and give her time to get her boots on) and we headed back to the beach in the last light of the day. The sun was just a finger above the horizon, laying the light down like blanket across the snow…

That late light

…and catching in the tops of trees.

Caught in the tree

Eager Mainers, unwilling to miss their walk on the beach, had beaten a path over the dune by then. We went out, and I walk down far enough and stood to wait out the sunset.

Wait for it!

And it came. And my wife walking up the beach out of it.

Walk forward out of beauty

We walked back to the car and I caught one last image of the fading light.

Fading glory 1

So, what’s the point? Not your day. Not your place.

But you have a day and you have a place. Get out into it! Get up from what you are doing, even if that is reading this piece (especially if it is reading this piece), pick up your camera and go find something image worthy. Snowstorm? Day’s end? Anytime there is daylight (and sometimes when there is not).

Get out. There are images out there waiting to be caught, but you won’t catch them unless you are out there.

So that is, more or less, my New Year’s Resolution. I’m going to take my own advice and get out more.

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3 Responses to Get out!

  1. amateurish says:

    Great resolution. It applies to everything – getting up to do something is teh hardest part. Once you’re doing it, you remember what you love about it.

  2. Hal says:

    Throughout this new year I resolve to take photographs everyday. Technology allows me to carry a pocket camera wherever I go, so I only need to take the time to compose a photo , adjust the lighting, and push the shutter. I will read up on the subject and study the work of successful photographers. In so doing I will grow in skill and competence. Not having a natural eye for photography and having to rely on trial and error; I will hone my skills patiently with an eye on improvement. I will continue to ask for advice from the administrator of this blog and other experts. I see the beginning of a wonderful year.

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