Three Gestures…

A thought.

Every great image catches three gestures.

First gesture: The motion of the world as it paints meaning and beauty on the human soul.
Second gesture: The motion of the soul as it rises to take the paint.
Third gesture: The motion of the artist’s hand pointing: “Look at this!”

The gesture of the world painting is the primary motion. The gesture of the soul is its echo and secondary. The gesture, any motion, of the artist’s hand should be barely seen at all.

© Stephen Ingraham, Steve Ingraham’s Point and Shoot Landscape.

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One Response to Three Gestures…

  1. Hal says:

    It’s pretty hard to respond to something as beautiful as an artist three gestures. First, the soul, made in the image of our Divine Creator has intrinsic beauty and is able to perceive true beauty and wonder. Second, as it rises toward the paint, the soul inspires the artist; the mind perceives what is deeply imprinted in the inner consciousness of the artist. Third, the artist giving the world a creation to marvel at and cherish.

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