Quick Dramatic Landscapes in Lightroom

HDR (high dynamic range) has captured the attention of many photographers these days, not always for the good of the art, imho, but there is little doubt the technique produces images with high drama. Most HDR work involves 3 or more exposures of the same scene, bracketed two or more stops, recorded as RAW files, and then processed in PhotoShop or dedicated software to capture the best tones from each exposure.

I shot jpeg, and, though I have experimented with what can be done in software wit 3 jpegs, I have developed a technique in Lightroom for quickly extracting maximum dynamic range and drama from a single file. I am certain that is is not a unique discovery on my part. Given the tools in Lightroom, others will have stumbled on the same technique. I have seen it on Moose Patterson’s twitter stream, for one, and I am sure a google search will turn up other instances, maybe quite a few.  However, since I  have already talked about this process in several posts in the past, and since it has become an essential tool in my photographic process, I thought a little video tutorial might be of interest.

So, here it is. You can view it here, but to see it to best effect it is best to view it through the link on YouTube, and to select the 720p (HD) option. Depending on your computer, you may have to pause it and let the video fully download before it will play smoothly.


Dramatic Landscapes

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