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Why Point and Shoot?

The technology odyssey.

Why take just one???

Point and Shoot for Wildlife

Let (within reason) the camera do the work!

Get with the program: ISO

Give yourself an assignment

Get with the program: Exposure 1

Get out!

The really strong suggestion of thirds…

Get with the program: Exposure 2

Three Gestures…

Back on the Road Again.

Zoo Shots…

Harbor with Pelicans: Sunset

In Praise of Program Shift

Spring Snow: Almost April Morning Light

LightZone Magic

Almost Apostate (and the invention of Digital Image Structure)

Three of a Kind: comparison of Sony H50/H9/A200

Three of a kind…Sony DSC H50 Comparison Review

Three of a Kind: Part 2, Image Quality

Three of a Kind (well, now down to one)

Utah: Wildflowers, where, how, and why.

Point of View

Dramatic Landscapes: Lightroom vs. LightZone

The Ethics (or is it aesthetics) of Post-processing

Self Publish Your Photo Book!

Point Lobos Morning

Netbooks for Traveling Fotogs??

Photo Sharing Services

Pushing the Envelope: P&S Limitations

Working the Limits: Bosque del Apache NWR

Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush

Learning to see…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

EV: Exposure Compensation

Kingfisher Encounter: back to the basics of digiscoping

Rainy Day at Jack London State Park

Shopping for Color in Old Town Albuquerque

Lightroom’s Graduated Filter Effects

P&S HD Video: Sony Webbie HD vs. Sanyo TH1

Crocus Fixation Disorder :)

Lupine Lesson: Point of View

To Blur or Not to Blur: moving water?

Sanyo Dual Camera VPC-CG10

Emmon’s Preserve: Learning to Expose for Post!

No Such Thing as a Bad Photograhpy Day at Point Lobos

Gingerbread Tourist: with Sanyo CG10 dual camera

Distortion City! (and how to cure it…)

Netbooks for Traveling Photographers: Take Two

The Photogenic Moment?

It is all about patterns…

Your Zoom is for Framing!

A Year of Pics and Places

Canon Powershot SX20IS: first thoughts

Rainy Day on Point Loma: learning.

Playing with Panoramas: sort of…

Quick Dramatic Landscapes in Lightroom

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