P$S Landscape is about using digital point and shoot cameras for the serious work of nature, creative, and landscape imaging. Because it works! I intend to provide inspiration, instruction, and a place for discussion of the art and craft involved.

I am, in real life, the Birding and Nature Product Specialist for Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. I travel about 30 weeks out of the year so I get to some interesting places. In that I am blessed.

I’ve been taking pictures for over 50 years, starting with a Sawyers 127 roll film box camera my Great Aunt gave me. Did the whole darkroom, push-processed slide film, and SLR thing. Went digital 7 years ago and haven’t looked back. Current camera: Sony DSC H9 superzoom. Adobe Lightroom for my primary software.

Father of 7 girls. Christian. To me it is all about recording and celebrating the evidence of the work of the Creator God, whether I see it in nature, in his children and what we create, or in our ability to recognize beauty when we see it.

SIngraham. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr
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Keep your eyes and your heart open and your finger on the shutter release!

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