Here is a place for critiques. Your best. Images you are uncertain of. Whatever you want feedback on. (Keep it family friendly…flickr guidelines apply.)

To sumbit an image, email it to, as a 1024×768 jpeg file (or dimensions that fit inside that rectangle). If the image is already posted to flickr or one of the other services, just send me the URL.

I will select the images for publication and post them here along with an initial critique. I am certainly not the end all and be all of image technique, but I will try to offer helpful comments. There will, of course, be an opportunity for others to comment.

Critiques will appear under the Critique heading in the Pages listing in the navigation bar on the right.

And, thank you in advance for your submissions.

4 Responses to Critiques

  1. Byrle says:

    Looking forward to a student/teacher/friend,relationship.

  2. John Vader says:

    The point and shoot landscape column is very informative and helpfull but the pop ups detract and drive me nuts. Yes they do contain extra information but seem to run out of control

  3. Mike says:

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